Bangkok, Thailand

As much as I had read up on what to see and where to go in Bangkok (particularly with a toddler), I didn’t expect to fall in love with this crazy busy city as much as I did.

It truly is a city of many cities. On our third day we explored a few streets behind our hotel only to find ourselves in, what felt like, a mini Istanbul. And the previous day, when visiting Chinatown, we were commenting on how much it felt like our time in Hong Kong

Bangkok has so much to offer, but what surprised us most was the cleanliness and organization – from the subway line to the many many markets, the large malls and their management of tourists at temples and main sites. Bangkok is big, it’s busy, it’s often chaotic and it’s definitely full of life at every turn, but it somehow felt ‘normal’, it felt easy to slip into the rhythm of its chaos.

After arriving into the city quite late, we spent the first day catching up on some much needed R&R.

Rested and ready, we set off to explore Bangkok…..

TUK TUKS – a highlight for all of us, but especially for James

TEMPLES – beautifully decorated and maintained, there are so many to see. We visited just a handful during our stay in the city

LUMPINI PARK – a fun morning for James to explore a playground alongside other tourists and local kids. A large pond with swan-themed peddle boats, large fish to feed, and huge lizards (‘crocodiles’ for James)!

MARKETS, MARKETS & MORE MARKETS – large, small, day, night, weekend, flower, street food, clothes, toys, souvenirs, amulets, fruit, fresh meat and fish…..the list seems endless. More often than planned or expected, and especially at night, we found ourselves wondering through market after market. The food was tasty, the music lively, the prices (too) often irresistible, the products often quirky, and the ambiance fun and memorable.

THAI FOOD Рonly ordered Pad Thai once, we got to taste the wonderful and tasty array of Thai food. Saut̩ed kale with salty fish and pineapple fried rice made my top 5 along with authentic Tom Yum soup and mango with sticky rice

Bangkok, you surprised us and we loved every moment we spent with you. We will definitely have to come back to discover more!

Now, off to Krabi in the south to spend some time at the beach!

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