Brand Licensing Agreement Uk

You usually need a trademark license agreement if you want to allow another company or individual to use your trademark on their products or services. This license highlights the rights and obligations of the licensee and the rights to be fulfilled. We create a number of compelling and well-designed licensing products, manufactured to a very high standard. We have conducted and produced very successful campaigns by having a deep understanding of the products that will have a strong attractiveness for consumers. For many years, our management team has developed relationships with brand owners, manufacturers and retailers to ensure that they derive clear and measurable benefits from participating in a well-managed licensing campaign. We know brands – we`ve collaborated with some of the largest in the world, including: this agreement allows you to either charge royalties to the licensee: use this trademark license agreement if you want to grant someone an exclusive, non-exclusive, or exclusive license to use your trademark for certain products. Use this agreement to set out clear terms and obligations for both parties. Another long-form trademark license is also available. The “Langform” license is designed for the sale of goods and relates specifically to products and not services. A number of aspects of the licence are dealt with in more detail and allow for a higher level of control on the part of the licensee. .