Iam Collective Agreement Air Canada

District 14 Representing 3 premises and 7 collective agreements in Alberta since 1962. District 181 Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, District 181 currently has 4 premises and 10 collective agreements under its jurisdiction. Local Lodge 1922 – Mississauga, ON. Members of our facilities are employed by Orenda Aerospace and the City of Mississauga. Local Lodge 2309 – We represent workers at Air Transat, Servisair, Cara, Kohne – Nagel and Swissport in the Montreal area. District 11 With 10,000 members in Quebec. Local Lodge 764 Representation of Air Transport Workers in British Columbia and Yukon. Local Lodge 412 – [ms] With members in Ottawa, Kanata and Cornwall. Automotive Local Lodge 1722 – Edmonton, Grand Pararie and Calgary Local Lodge 1751 Representation of mechanics (avionics, on-board services, electricians, power plant mechanics, ground equipment mechanics), ground service (ground service, freight, cabin), Air Canada stores and cafeterias (Quebec and Maritimes).

Local Lodge 1751 was founded on March 8, 1946 and chartered on January 8, 1947. Northern Crossroads Local 1681 – Representing Air Canada workers in Calgary and Edmonton and Globe Ground Edmonton. Local Lodge 2603 Representing Air Canada`s Finance Branch, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Trent Valley Lodge 1788 Workers` Representative in Invar in beautiful Batawa, Ontario. Local Lodge 905 Members of Local Lodge 905 are employed by Messier-Dowty Toronto and Cametoid Ltd. Local 905 is located in the Regional Municipality of Durham, east of Toronto, Ontario, Local 905 currently has 200 members. The Local Lodge was chartered on April 28, 1959. Local Lodge 712 – 35 birthdays in Canadair. District 78 represents approximately 3,500 members in Ontario. Local Lodge 1763 – Representing workers at Air Canada in the Maritimes.

District 140 Air Service Representation in Canada View descriptions and course schedules at Winpisinger Education and Technology Centre Local Lodge 2323 Local Lodge 2323 members are Air Canada employees in Toronto and Ottawa and Haycot Services Inc. in Toronto. In our Local Lodge, we currently have more than 3,500 members, including about 680 retirees. Our Local Lodge was chartered on January 1, 1968. District 250 Northwest District 250 o f the IAM, founded in 1988, consists of seven local lodges, some of which since the beginning of the 20th