Our time in Istanbul has come and gone. A packed couple of days walking the city; stopping in at the Blue Mosque, smelling our way through the Spice Market, finding our way through the maze that is the Grand Bazaar, enjoying tasting samples of Turkish delight in kiosque after kiosque, managing coats/umbrellas/stroller rain cover through our rainy stay, and of course eating tasty flat breads, pomegranate juice, Turkish mezze, baklava, Turkish coffee and a wonderful assortment of teas.

Some highlights for James include watching the street cleaners pass by, hearing the electric tram approaching and saying ‘Choo choo’ as it passes by (and quickly requesting that it passes by again….luckily for us, another often did) learning about the existence and then the wide variety of gummy candies (I think every tea/candy shop owner came up to James to give him some gummy worms/fish/stars/bears/keys/hearts….), and of course touring his mini dinosaur companions in the stroller and sharing his rice with them.

Here’s a photo re-cap of our time in Istanbul.

Next stop, Hong Kong!

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