James starts his trip

Made it to Istanbul!

Before we knew it we were up in the air flying to our first destination – our business class seats made this first leg incredibly comfortable and enjoyable.

James did great! – he went with the flow of eating some supper at midnight (Montreal time), going to sleep in our makeshift seat/bed and waking up a few hours later for breakfast.

He’s been getting a lot of attention, likes to high-five from a distance, but if anyone gets too close, he doesn’t hesitate to tell them so and makes it clear by telling them to ‘get back’ with his hand (haha! …which only endears him more to his newfound friends)

We’ve tasted some flatbreads, roasted chestnuts, Turkish delight, Doner, Turkish tea and coffee. We’ve only just caught a glimpse of this city and are excited to see more of what Istanbul has to offer tomorrow!

12 Replies to “James starts his trip”

  1. You should subtitle your blog, “Wish you were here, but since you can’t be, here is the next best thing”.
    You all look great, the baby needs a hug from us, or, we need to hug the baby, the food looks delicious

    1. Youโ€™re right, it should be, itโ€™s hard to capture everything through photos…..particularly the wonderful tastes at every turn!

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