Micro Focus Rumba License Agreement

“licensed software,” the subject code version of licensed computer programs, their accompanying user documentation (“documentation”) and other additional documents made available to the licensee by the licensee, including, but not limited to, the software`s security keys, modifications or related add-ons; The licensed software also includes all new versions, updates, revisions, modifications, supplements, corrections and corrections of the licensed software that the licensee receives in accordance with sections 6 and 7 below or under maintenance, for which the licensee has subscribed and paid separately from the contracts. From the beginning of this licensing agreement, the “licensed software” also contains all previous versions of the licensed software licensed by the licensee and this license agreement. This license agreement does not grant the licensee the right to new publications, updates, updates, revisions, modifications, additions, corrections and corrections of the licensed software, unless this is provided by the licensee in accordance with Section 6 below. Licensed software is available to work on Windows, Linux, Unix or other computer platforms, and a separate license is required for licensed software for each computer platform. ALL VERSIONS OF MICRO FOCUS STUDIO, NET EXPRESS AND SERVER EXPRESS. This licensed software may contain or generate limited licenses for Micro Focus Server, Application Server and/or Enterprise Server. When such licenses are included or generated, these limited licenses are reserved exclusively for the designated user`s use of licensed software to test an application developed with any version of Micro Focus Studio, Net Express or Server Express on the server used for application development and should not be used for testing, production or making systems available. Any use of this limited license outside of the development and control of the components of these applications does not enter the scope of the license. Micro Focus software products are subject to the agreements listed below (unless they are subject to a separate licensing agreement between you and Micro Focus and/or their subsidiaries).