Office 365 Online Service Agreement

e. Reseller Administrator Access and customer data. You recognize and accept that once you have selected a reseller, the reseller will be an additional administrator of online services for the lifetime and that you will not be able to select another reseller for online services for the lifetime, unless Microsoft allows it; (ii) The reseller has the same admin rights and access to customer data as your own administrator; (iii) the reseller`s data protection practices or the services provided by the reseller may differ from Microsoft`s data protection practices; and (iv) the dealer can collect, use, transfer, disclose and process customer data, including personal data. You agree that Microsoft provides the reseller with the information you provide to Microsoft and customer data for the purpose of ordering, providing and managing online services. G. Dismissal for injury. Any party may terminate this agreement on written notification if the other party substantially violates this agreement. Unless, by its nature, the beach can be healed within 30 days, the dismissing party must give the other party the opportunity to heal 30 days after prior written notification and the possibility of healing. The RGPD requires a contract between each manager and a subcontractor when personal data is transmitted. This means that Microsoft is either required to sign its customer`s processor agreement, or if microsoft offers a product or service to the customer, Microsoft can then write the contract. The RGPD also requires a subcontractor (Microsoft) not to accept the personal data of a processing manager in the absence of a contract and notify the person in charge. So the question is, where is the processor addendum for the RGPD? It is certainly not on the resource side of the RGPD.

SalesForce has one. Oracle has one. AWS has a way out. Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) is a transaction licensing agreement for commercial, government and academic organizations with 250 or more users/devices. MPSA is most appropriate for organizations that wish to license Microsoft for software, cloud services or needs, without an organization-wide obligation under a single, endless agreement.c. Licensing fees are not related to the execution of software media. Acquiring software materials or accessing a network source does not affect your license for software you received under this Agreement. We give you software, we don`t sell it.

In essence, Microsoft only grants its services for one year or less with this MPSA change. This idea is illustrated in the following table: A purchase account is a buying entity within your organization that you create to order and manage products and services by registering them with an MPSA.