Payback Agreement Deutsch

If we have already received the loan, if your cancellation takes effect or if you return the goods, your lender will be responsible for our rights and obligations arising from the contract financed with respect to the legal consequences of the cancellation or restitution. Feintool signs a long-term credit contract with eight banks with more than 120 million francs. For the duration of the loan contract, employees are not entitled to dispose of their share. Restrictions on the use of depreciation clauses may relate to the following issues (CEDEFOP 2012): employers and workers may agree to a depreciation clause in a “qualification agreement.” The worker works for an agreed period (no more than 5 years) after the end of the training, in order to compensate the employer for the training costs incurred. If the worker decides to terminate the job before the agreed deadline expires, he has the cost of training (up to 100%) to pay it back. If the worker fulfills his commitment to remain active during the agreed period, the amount to be repaid is reduced in proportion. If the worker`s training results in a “deepening” (rather than an improvement) of the qualification, an agreement can be reached if the estimated cost of the training is at least 1,700 euros. The labour code sets minimum requirements. Changes in favour of the worker are the subject of negotiations between the employee and the employer or collective agreements. The special tests required by the partner university abroad can be carried out (with payment) in agreement with the language laboratory.

Die wichtigsten Vereinbarungen der Deutschen Telekom AG, die eine Klausel im Falle eines Kontrollwechsels enthalten, betreffen in erster Linie bilaterale Kreditlinien und mehrere Darlehensvertràge. In this case, these third parties are also required by GEDORE to enter into an agreement that is committed to complying with data protection mandates. It is only after receiving the required down payment and confirmation written by TOSCANA CASA that the booking and contract are valid. Preparation, agreement and implementation of payment structures based on morbidity In the absence of a specific agreement, the payment is required without deduction. A grant would have been granted when a legal enterprise is granted for the first time, that is, when the first agreement was signed. Appropriate lump sums may be set for the payment of personal expenses, with the agreement of the Ministry of Science and Arts. In the context of the freedom of the economic parties to enter into contracts, repayment clauses are in principle possible as a party or in addition to any employment contract, provided that the principles of fairness and fairness set out in civil law are not violated. However, given the power imbalance between employers and workers, the possible range of depreciation clauses is generally limited by formal provisions of a different nature, including labour codes, decisions of competent courts (including labour tribunals) or mandatory collective agreements at the sector or regional level (NB: most labour laws allow for changes in sectoral or industrial agreements through collective agreements or at the corporate level (NB: most labour laws allow for changes to schemes at the sectoral level through collective agreements or at the corporate level).

, provided the conditions are more favourable to workers than those set by national legislation). If the client terminates the loan agreement, such an increased interest rate is not applied to the terminated loan agreement. Payment is due when the contract is concluded (not after the effective start date of the contract). With regard to continuing education (deepening qualifications), the employer and the worker can enter into an agreement if the estimated cost of the training is at least 1,700 euros.