Railay Peninsula, Thailand

What a cool place.

No cars, no roads, just sandy footpaths that crisscross the peninsula leading from beach to beach, hotel to hotel and small strip of restaurants and cafes to little bars and gift shops.

After being ‘on the go’ since Istanbul, sandy beaches and a relaxed vibe were a welcome change.

Railay and Ao Phra Nang beaches felt very secluded and although they are on a peninsula off the mainland, they can only be reached by boat. Cool. So, off we went, with suitcases in tow, by longboat to our hotel.

There were many beautiful hotels on the peninsula, including ours, but the beaches and the peninsula as a whole had a young, relaxed vibe. Very backpacker’esque. Maybe it’s the fact that many walked around without flip flops, maybe it’s the avid rock climbers who walked around with orange rock dust all over them, or maybe it was everything about this place that felt understated, simple and laid back. Whatever the reason, it was a unique experience and one we hope to repeat.

A fun bonus: watching the wild monkeys cross our path, eating bananas on our balcony and watching us from the treetops.


On the western side of the peninsula, Railay is lined with cafes and gift shops. A beach that’s full of life and a beautiful spot to watch the sun set, it’s where we spent our first day.

PHRA NANG (cave beach)

Hands down, the most beautiful beach either of us has been to. Surrounded by caves and cliffs, it’s quieter than Railay and where we wished we could have stayed for many more days.

Au revoir, Phra Nang, we’ll be back!

Off to Singapore!

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