Solvay Global Framework Agreement

This agreement is a measure of social dialogue in the chemical industry. Over the past 12 years, we have developed a strong culture and constructive working relationships around the world. The renewal involves a global forum that will provide an important platform for dialogue between trade union/worker representatives and management. 3 February, 2017IndustriALL Global Union and Solvay have extended their Comprehensive Framework Agreement (GFA) by five years and strengthened and added commitments that give all Solvay employees in companies around the world the same fundamental rights to labour and social protection. Haedlines of the reportThe European Works Council (EWC) has taken the initiative to conclude a comprehensive agreement with management on the management of digitalisation. This was achieved in 2019 in about 10 months. The agreement contains provisions on employee participation in important projects, training and skills development, collection and protection of personal data, dismissal procedures and monitoring of the implementation of the agreement. All major projects must be subject to a “technical impact assessment” during the preparatory phase, indicating the consequences, inter alia, of health and safety, workload, work content and organisation, quality of work, employment, collection of personal data, people with disabilities, etc. IndustriALL Global Union supports the agreement and participates in both the monitoring and escalation of local disputes. Technology agreements did not really appear in the Netherlands, even in the early 1980s, in the previous period, when the effects of technology were the subject of much discussion (Christis et al., 1985). Today, however, solvay has an impressive example that could be replicated elsewhere in Europe. The company manufactures soda as a raw material for glass, peroxide (to lighten and/or disinfect objects), fragrances and flavors as well as advanced materials for the automotive and aerospace industry. It employs around 24,500 people in 61 countries and is headquartered in Brussels.