Working From Home Agreement Template Uk

All equipment provided by the company should only be used for the work of the company and the employee should ensure that it is handled properly. This is particularly important for computer equipment, as there is a risk of introducing computer viruses. The personal corporate computers installed in remote workers` apartments are completely interactive with office systems. Our remote staff policy outlines our policies for employees who work from a location other than our offices. We want to ensure that employees and our company benefit from these agreements. Distance/home workers are workers who reside in all or part of their homes to do their work with the company`s consent and are referred to as “remote workers.” Work from home can be casual, temporary or permanent, and all contractual obligations, including your basic working time, remain in effect. A supervisor of the remote/home worker is responsible for setting up appropriate mechanisms for the coordination of work, for example. B for services, pickup and organization. In addition, there must be regular communication with co-workers and regular presence on the office site (unless the latter aspect is feasible due to the nature of a disability/illness). Remote/home workers should separate domestic activities and work responsibilities as much as possible. Persons with obligations of care must demonstrate that dependant care plans are not at odds with work activities. The company will properly consider all requests for remote/home work. The appropriate administrator should be informed as soon as possible of changes to care plans that affect work done at home.

Where possible, arrangements are made with the worker to make all care arrangements that the employee has, while ensuring that the employee continues to comply with the terms of his contract and all home/remote work contracts. Because of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), employers and workers should respond in a practical, flexible and sensitive way to each other`s situation when working from home. There is no automatic right for an employee to work from home, and not all roles or jobs are suitable for work from home. The equipment provided by the company to those who work from home is provided by the company`s insurance against theft, fire and damage. All devices must be kept in a safe place in case of non-use. The employee`s home must be closed at all times if it remains uninhabited. Otherwise, the insurance may be invalidated. If the employee`s actions invalidate an insurance, the company may try to personally recover losses related to an employee`s breach. A worker`s salary and other conditions of employment remain the same, with the exception of 50s to work temporarily from home. Employees should check that there are no problems with them working from home: employees who work from home are subject to the same rules, procedures and standards of conduct and performance as everyone else.